Flamenco Fiesta/Class + Taller Flamenco
Customized for Groups in Barcelona

Would you like to add something really special to your...
hen party?
stag party?
students group's educational trip or cultural program?
a friend's birthday party?
co-workers meeting or celebration....?
Let us organize for you and your group a customized Flamenco Fiesta/Class that will be a lots of fun and it will also include a complete Flamenco show with our fantastis teachers
who are professional Flamenco dancers "bailadores".
In our nice school in the most centric avenue in Barcelona our SpainBcn-Flamenco Programs for Groups can be organized for groups of all sizes, for all levels and ages.

ONLY FOR GROUPS of all levels and ages.

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AVAILABLE DAYS: A customized Flamenco program for your group can be organized any day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, in the mornings or in the afternoons. Just let us know about your day/s in Barcelona and contact us to book our school and teachers for your group.


SpainBcn-Programs is proud to offer our fun and fantastic

Flamenco Workshops
Taller Flamenco

Flamenco Fiesta/Class
for Groups in Barcelona
Flamenco Programs for Groups in Barcelona with professional Flamenco dancers


There is nothing more fun to do while you are enjoying some days in Barcelona that to attend a great Flamenco Fiesta/Class customized for you..., with all participants dressed with the traditional costumes.
We suggest a minimum group of 8 dancers to have fun. And it is possible to organize a Flamenco Program for a group up to 24 dancers.

Contact us to book your day/time!

At SpainBcn we'll have everything ready for a great Flamenco "fiesta-class":
a couple of professional Flamenco dancers,
traditional Flamenco dresses (all sizes)
Flamenco accessories for men and women
dance coordinators and great music!
Spanish tapas and drinks can be served for your group according to your preferences.
Let us know... You just don't forget to bring your camaras!

Where we are in the most centric part of Barcelona:
PASSEIG DE GRACIA, 34 -Principal 2- 08007 Barcelona

Contact us at e-mail: Info@FlamencoInBarcelona.com

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